Keselowski And Logano Talked This Week Following Busch Clash Incident

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla — Brad Keselowski left the Daytona International Speedway on Sunday fuming mad at his teammate Joey Logano. Keselowski, was collected in a late race melee in Sunday’s Busch Clash after his Team Penske teammate Logano made a series of aggressive blocks on Kyle Busch in their contest for the lead.

Keselowski, wound pound the side of the ambulance in disgust and later said that is car was destroyed by his teammate and blasted Logano for “just dumb, dumb racing” and for making moves he should have known never would have worked.

When asked if he will talk to Logano, Keselowski said that he’s heading to Disney World in nearby Orlando for a few days and will deal with it later. Logano, was told of Keselowski’s comments and said that he’s heading to Disney World too and hoped that they’d catch up.

On Wednesday, both sides said that they have spoke during this past week.

“I think I’ve been consistent and verbal about blocking on the race track, so I don’t really have anything that I feel differently about with respect to that,” Keselowski said. “But as far as the comments specific to Joey, I’ll keep those between him and I.”

Logano said the two Team Penske teammates took in Walt Disney World earlier this week, but didn’t see each other there. In discussing the incident with Keselowski, he said it was important to share his side of the story and drill down to the cause of his ire.

“That stuff happens, but hey, we’ve been friends for a long time. We’ve been able to figure things out before,” Logano said. “He said afterwards, ‘I’m not really that worried about it. It’s going to be OK. We’re going to figure it out.’ Everything always blows by. Everything gets better all the time.”

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