Due To Coronavirus NASCAR Updates At Track Fan Procedures

NASCAR is not making any changes to this weekend’s schedule at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. But, due to a wide range of disruptions because of the Coronavirus, they will alter their ways.

NASCAR announced on Wednesday some new at track procedures to try and ensure the outbreak doesn’t take place on their soil.

A memo went out, outlining operational changes to take effect starting this weekend. Everyone will engage with drivers differently.

“The health, safety and well-being of our industry, employees, media, fans, and everyone associated with our events remains our top priority,” a statement read.


  • Driver/crew chief meeting: This meeting will be held in open-air locations and attendance will be restricted to drivers, crew chiefs, team owners and select officials and dignitaries.
  • Driver at track media availability: Full-field driver availabilities during qualifying, care center availability and post-race bullpen will remain in effect, but with a 6-foot buffer in place.
  • Track Services meeting: This meeting will be held in open-air locations across all series.
  • Team haulers: NASCAR recommends that access to team haulers be restricted to necessary personnel at team’s discretion.
  • Driver appearances: Should be structured to ensure that drivers are visible to fans in an open-air setting, such as Q&A sessions.
  • Driver autographs: Drivers should pre-sign items whenever possible, carry their own Sharpie and hero cards should be the primary form for all autographs.
  • Driver introductions, pre-race grid and victory lane: NASCAR will provide a 6-foot buffer around the grid and driver introduction stage.

An infectious disease specialist has also been added to the consulting physician group, which will be at the racetrack. They will provide technical assistance and to inform policy.

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